Childbirth Education

What is Lamaze?

Many people have heard the name Lamaze.  Many even know that a Lamaze class is something you take in preparation for having a baby, but what do you learn in a Lamaze class?  At its heart, Lamaze is a method of presenting research based education in the hope of helping women feel more confident in their body's ability to accomplish the very natural activity of having a baby. 

Contrary to popular belief, the primary focus of Lamaze isn't on "he he who" breathing.  Some teachers will use breathing patterns as a strategy of distraction for labor, but it will be one of many strategies, not the whole class.  In my class we cover many ways to deal with the discomfort of contractions, including positions for labor, counter pressure, breathing, and visualization.  

In addition to techniques for coping with contractions, we cover basic anatomy for childbirth, the stages and phases of labor, when to go to the hospital, common interventions, and what to expect in the early postpartum days.