Our 2019-20 Calendar is now available!

Some changes may still be made as we get closer to the start and field trips have yet to be added, but the basics are there. Take a look here.

Classes for Children


Hello! I am Maya Kite. I am a mother of two and have been teaching preschool age children for the last 8 years. I don’t have a teaching degree, but I have learned a lot from working with some amazing teachers and from spending so much time with this age group. I love children, and have enjoyed developing classes that are both fun and educational. Feel free to contact me or come to an open house to get to know me a bit better!


I teach five classes a week that combine the learning of social skills, educational development, and a learning through play environment. I don’t believe that kids preschool age should feel like they are working too often. However, I do believe they are capable of many things and will be required to meet a very high standard once they start kindergarten here in NYC. My hope is to make learning fun, so they will be launched in to the next stage of their education excited about learning and having plenty of practical skills under their belt. Three days a week I offer mixed age class (2-4) and two days a week I teach an exclusively older group (3-4). While academic work is included in both classes, the priority of the mixed age class is social development and simply an introduction to the classroom setting. I love taking the children outside, and it is in the mixed age class that we are more likely to abandon our math game to explore the garden or to take advantage of a particularly fine day at the playground. The older class has kindergarten readiness as a goal for the four year olds, which includes skills such as putting on coats and bathroom independence as well as academic skills.


I rent a classroom from Trinity Lutheran Church located at 164 W 100th St


September - June

3-4 Year Olds Monday - Friday * Wednesday and Thursday’s Classes are Full

2 Year Olds Tuesday, Thursday *

9am - 9:30am drop off and 12:30pm - 1pm pick up

* Your child does not need to come every day we offer class. Even if you only want your child to come one day a week, your child is welcome!


My original training is in dance and I am also a doula, so why am I teaching classes for preschool age children? The short answer is that I have preschool age children and these are the kinds of classes that I would like them to participate in. I didn’t like the all day, every day, preschool option and I also felt like most preschools have an either or mentality when it comes to academic learning. Either they play all day or they are pushed to sit and do worksheets to further their academic learning. I prefer to teach through games, give plenty of undirected time, and make sure I leave flexibility in my curriculum to answer some of the amazing questions that the students come up with in class. I also felt that families know their children best and should be able to choose how much time they spend away from home. That is why I offer the flexibility in the number of days your child attends.

Fees - per semester

Fees are per semester which runs September-January and February-June, primarily following the DOE calendar.

One Day a Week - $1,100

Two Days a Week - $2,100

Three Days a Week - $3,000

Four Days a Week - $3,800

Five Days a Week - $4,500

If paying the fees will cause financial hardship for your families, please contact me. I hope to have a robust enough enrollment to be able to provide some scholarships. I can provide you with that information as it becomes available.


Q: What subjects are covered? A: Literacy, science, math, art, dance, music, and food exploration.

Q: Does my child need to be potty trained? A: No

Q: Will you support my child in their bathroom needs if I potty train my child during the school year? A: Of course!

Q: What is your age cut off? A: Your child must be 2 before September to attend class for either semester. If you want your child to switch to the older class when they are three, I will likely be able to accommodate that. It depends on if we have space in the class you wish to switch to.

Q: How many children are in your classes? I limit the class size to 10.

Q: How many teachers are in the class room? There will be me and an assistant.

More questions? Contact me at cherishedbeginningsnyc@gmail.com.